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Caricatures "San Jorge" anagrama


I was born Jorge Raul Ganderatz Santillan, in 1951, in María Ignacia (Vela), Buenos Aires, Argentine. I am now a Spanish citizen and widely known by my artistic name “San Jorge“.

I studied drawing & painting at the Municipal Academy of Fine Art in María Ignacia (Vela ), Argentine.

In my youth my work was exhibited in various venues in the Province of Buenos Aires.

In 1975 I decided to travel to Europe and there continued my “artistic career”, first in France and then in Spain.

Whilst in Formentera (Spain) in 1984 I decided to radically change my career. I began to devote my time something I had always been passionate about: CARTOONS.

Two years later I relocated to Marbella and this is where I began to develop my new career as a caricaturist. Later I moved to Puerto Banús and more than 30 years have continued to work there during the summer season – always with live subjects. In 2018 return to Marbella.

In the early years my career as a caricaturist took me further afield. I visited Mar del Plata (Argentine) and more especially Punta del Este (Uruguay).

Because my career as a caricaturist involves mainly working during the summer season this has allowed me to enjoy one of my other passions – travel. Over the years I have been able to travel the world... but that´s another story.

Finally, I wish to thank two people who have influenced my work: Ernesto Valor Darbon and Hermenegildo Sabat.

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